The Land of Five Hills has stood free and isolated for as long as the most ancient elder can recall.


It’s back against the Mountains of Regret, (Huhoe Ui San in the language of your people), has always provided your tribe protection from more aggressive and larger clans abroad, but is nonetheless a dangerous land of mystery and magic.

Elder Byeol, the Seppun of your tribe, has always kept an eye out for the tribes most promising youngsters, of which you may very well be one.

Five Hills and Five Tribes : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars is a Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition) RPG campaign set many generations before the Fall of the Kami.

It will be the first installment of a continuing chronicle that will follow a series of protagonists from before the time of the Kami throughout the history Rokugan and beyond, through the generations of their bloodlines and those they have touched with their actions and teachings throughout life.

What choices will they make ? What joys and sorrows will they experience ? Will history be changed as a result of the paths they choose ?

Only those who walk this path of fate will find out.