Five Hills and Five Tribes : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

Approaching the New Moon

Disappearances and Encounters

- The protagnoists after sharing a light repast and commiserating over the untimely death of Hiro decide to have runners sent out into the winter snows to each of the tribes to begin collecting resources and evacuating the valley.

- the aforementioned “Star Mark:” begins to appear on all the members of the 5 Tribes who have broken the convenant, or had their bloodlines mingled with outsiders.

- Worried that the Shu may choose to be obstinant and not leave the valley (and thus bringing the wrath of the spirits down upon the “spriritually clean tribesmen”) Makoto, Sang Woo, Arung and Ling head to the Shu tribal lands.

- After an unpleasant snowy trek the group comes towards Headman Eun’s Lodge. He has guards posted, most likely because of the disappearances.

- The Shu seem to be more openly wearing foreign trinkets and garb, things they once before kept hidden. The Shu even seem to have “servants” that no one was previously aware off.

- After terse comments and exchanges (somewhat half formed and not entirely clear on Eun’s behalf) it doesn’t not initially seem like The Shu will leave the valley. Eun does not accept that this “prophecy” is even real. He even refutes the events of the strange beast that attacked the Elder’s Village, and it’s obviously magical origins.

- On the matter of the disappearances the identity of a few of those persons is given, and that they are geographically closer to the edge of the Shu lands and the river that leads through the mountains to the distant sea. It is told that there are many caves and hidden bluffs in that area.

- Elder Shu is not present, but it is said that he is in good health and Eun and the Shu have done him no harm.

- staying the night the group is housed outside of the lodge. At the height of the waning moon a sound is heard, after investigating they find a women being pulled from her but by a large shadowy form. It’s faceless visage is similar to the beast seen twice before,but this one is more human like. With the crystal they traded from the Zokujin in the oracle of earth’s mountain they are able to kill the beast. All that remains is a bracelet,which belonged to one of the missing women. The rescued Shu women is in a coma and strangely pale. All the light (and colour) in her eyes are gone.

- The group asks Eun for a tracker to assist them in the search for the disappeared. He sends them to a small house on the outskirts of his land, there a person named Shin lives.

- After encountering Shin the group see’s but a small boy, curiously alone with no parents. His mannerisms are strange, and slowly as he talks to the group and leads them where they wish they soon discover Shin is no mortal boy, but something wearing a boy’s skin…. Shin may very well be a Bog Hag

- Elsewhere, Hiro awakens in a realm of mist and memory (The spirit realm of wandering souls, a unending purgatory for souls with unsettled kharma and memories), Badger is as always by his side (and strangely whole and with apt knowledge of the realm and how to leave it, alive and intact). There they encounter Hiro’s mother (who died birthing him, her last memory the screams and crying of the elder daughter she was leaving behind). Her grim visage that of a woman torn from childbirth and covered in viscera. Also, Hiro’s father, disapproving as ever for having such a “unnatural” child. Hiro manages to speak to his mother’s shade calmly and send her to a place of rest, to be reborn into the world. His father’s shade is less approving, but leaves him be.

- Badger and Hiro form a vow, in which Badger will instruct Hiro in how to traverse this spirit realm, and into many others in search of a “gateway” into the Mortal Realm. Luckily The Valley of Dong is a nexus of the spiritual borders and it should be possible to literally walk back to the world of the living.

- Badger uses magic to allow Hiro to look into a pool of still water and see his friends continue on their quest.


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