Five Hills and Five Tribes : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

March 9th

- They prepare to embark into the western mountains in search of the Oracle of Earth’s shrine.

- 5 Shu villagers have gone missing, seemingly abducted in the snowy night with nary a trace.

- The group “entombs” The Last of Dong near the shrine in the cliffs.

- Some knowledge of the lands Dong arose in, and travelled through is spoken about.

- Elder Shu has not returned from Headman Eun’s house in the 2 weeks the group was most recently in the mountains.

- Hiro was able to communicate with the last vestiges of his spirit.

- The Kitsu watches them from afar.

- He is trying (admittingly, poorly) to imbibe the essence that was stolen from him. There seems to be no consciousness in him anymore, except concerning Charming Badger’s skull.

- The Walking remains of Founder Dong were……found……


nathanpatten_victoria nathanpatten_victoria

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