Five Hills and Five Tribes : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

The Mountains Cold

- The group journeyed into the western mountains and encountered many things. mainly ice, cold, wind, and ice spiders.

- B’ard was gravely wounded

- The protagonists found there way into the deepest of the tall mountains and encounter tunnels filled with crystals.

- Zokujin were met, strange small coppery hued reptilian peoples of the deep earth.

- The oracle of earth was encountered and spoke many truths to the group.

- Hiro was literally pulped by the Oracle of the Earth and asa result died.

- Charming Badger skull fetish was cracked as well, and the group can no longer see or hear him.

- The group leaves to return with the omens from the Oracle of the Earth,and before parting with their zokujin guides trade for awesome crystals and gems !!!

- The Zokujin ride mighty worm steeds that melt rock.

- Upon returning to the Elder’s Village more reports of missing villagers have come in (iut has been nearly a month since they set out on this journey).

- The Elders (who remain) enact a ritual to commune with the Great Spirits of the Lake. The Spirits speak through Elder Byeol and tell all present that in the coming days the mark of the impure blood of the broken convenant will appear in the shape of a falling star upon the cheek of all who bear it and those marked must leave the valley by the next new moon (3 weeks or so) and are never to return in their lifetimes. They will not be protected by the spirits any longer and that the actions of a few have tainted their lot and damaged the boundaries of the spirit worlds in the valley.

- The characters, some of their family, and many of the Shu and Noriaki bear these marks.


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