Founder Dong

Pillar of the Five Tribes and Founder of the Five Hills


The Great Dong was the founder of the Five Tribes. He lead his people in ancient times to a sacred valley that mirrored the realm of the Spirits in many ways, the non-interference with the realm of man.

Facing many foes and protecting his people en route to the hidden valley proved his mettle as a warrior, and pacifying the spirits within the valley and forging a lasting agreement to allow his people to settle proved his value as a soothsayer and leader.

Very little is know about Founder Dong aside from a myriad of tall tales that surround him, but he is equally revered by the Five Tribes that now live in the valley, and is the bond that holds them together.

At any time he can inspire the foolish with tales of his mirthful hijinks, embolden the warrior with tales and songs of his bravery against unknowable odds, or bring calm reflection to the brash and angry with tales of his stoic reflection and regret.

It has been atleast 3 generations since his death and only a handfull of the Elders still remember his face or the truth about him, but his myth will never be forgotten.