Hiro Hyun Su


Hiro Hyun Su (Byeol) Age:14
Apearance: 5’6" Long black ponytail, Light grey blue eyes
Siblings: Tokko (Sister 16)
Wife: Nami (13)
Friendly Kami: Gong-Gi (Air)
Advantages:Higher purpose(2), Friendly Kami (5),Luck(3)
Disadvantages: Fascination (Spirit world) (1)


Hiro has always been atuned and facinated with the spirit world and often stares off into space just to listen to both worlds

At 4:30amHiro sits on Byeols shrine in the center of town mapping out the five hills in his mind like he does every morning he hears quiet feet walking towards him, he slowly opens his eyes to see Elder Byeol. Hiro uncrosses his legs and bows. A soft calming voice says. “Stand up Hiro. I didn’t come all the way up here to stare at the top of your head.” Hiro stands back up. Elder Byeol starts up again " I have task for you Hiro, I need you to come to the lake and speak with the spirits."