Makoto (Hue) Age 16, 6’2", black hair, brown eyes, apprentice stonemason.
Father: Iwao
Mother: Tsukiko
Siblings: None
Wife: Rei

Advantages: Large, Quick Healer
Disadvantages: Ascetic, Soft-Hearted


Makoto is a giant of a youth who is very aware of his size, and always concerned that he might hurt those smaller than him.

Every year at around this time, Elder Byeol sends to the Hue for a very specific block of stone. Its size must be just so, and it must be cut from living rock that breathes fresh air but has never been graced by the sun’s rays. This is the first year Makoto’s father has allowed him to assist in the quarrying of the special stone, and that is not all… he has also been tasked with delivering it personally to the Village of the Elders!

Background as told by Tsukiko, Makoto’s mother:
When Makoto was just a young boy, we went walking in the mountains alone together. We were quite a ways distant from any of the huts when a snarling wolf blocked our path. His eyes glowed a feverish green, and foam dripped from his muzzle. As the beast prepared to pounce, my boy stepped in front of me, and down he went in a horrible tangle of teeth and claws. I fell back in despair, and it was then that the spirit of a great black bear stepped forth from the shadow of the mountain, and into the body of my son. At once he towered above me, and ripped the slavering beast from his chest, dashing it against the rocks with one powerful blow. It shames me that I closed my eyes in fear then. When I opened them a second later there was just my little boy, my Makoto, sitting unwounded in the dirt next to a dead wolf with tears streaming down his cheeks. He has grown into the giant I saw that day, but I have never seen him raise a hand in anger since.