Other Spirits, and those from beyond

Them Who Ain't From Around Here !


A elderly looking man with slightly foreign features. He wears well worn silken clothing (tunic and wraparound) and a jingasa. His nose is hideously long and his teeth are loose and yellowed with age.

A large black crow often flies near him or on his walking staff (when he sits) and he calls it Ji

He has admitted that he is not from the Valley and that he knows Elder Byeol. He gave advice on where the Ogre(s) may have entered the valley from.

Hye was last seen traveling into the mountains in Noriaki land alongside the Noriaki source river.

A very inventive Mujina who loves to play elabourate and creative pranks of the humans near the Byeol lands. He is known for being more aggressive than usual when teaching poorly humoured humans a lesson.

Mohangaru the Fearsome and Ironbellied
A very large Ogre who has found his way into the valley.

Thought to be killed by the protagonists,but recently found alive and fought in a deadly battle again.

Mohangaru seems to have misplaced both of his eyeballs and seeks to find them again, or replace them with something appropriate.

He wore a linked chain armour, a heavy iron helmet, and wielded an oversized wood and stone club. In his possession was an ornately carved Obsidian dagger, more aptly sized as a large sword for a human.

Tuk Tuk
A human trader from beyond the southern mountain edge. He is scared of witches and all things magical.

A Bog Hag. A being who flays the living and wears there skins to take upon their form and insinuate themselves into humanity. They are often malevolent and predatory, but can be reasoned with. Natural sorcerers and shapeshifters they are spoken of in the ancient tales of Founder Dong’s travels.

Other Spirits, and those from beyond

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