The People of the Five Tribes

Those Whom History Will Forget


Elder Aki-Teong : A elderly Hue man whom lives in the Elders Village. His tales are ribald and adventureous, but seldom accurate.

Seong : a middle aged Ghao woman who married into the Shu tribe but has since moved back to Ghao lands with her now adult children. She seems nerveous around B’ard and is easily flustered by him.

Sei Ming : a young Ghao woman. Betrothed to Li. Plump and pleasant. Seemingly plumper than a soon to be married woman should be before her wedding day. Is friends with Wei Kim.

Li : a young Ghao man. Betrothed to Sei Ming. A enemy of Sang Woo.

Suk : a Hue man. Headman of the Hue Miner’s encampment.

Headman Eun : a Shu man. Headman of the main Shu village. He often spends his time hunting boar and ranging up to the Torii shrine that marks the entrance in the Five Hills Valley.

Iseula : a Shu woman. Cousin to B’ard and mother of 17 very loud children. She happily receives guests and is a kind woman.

Grandmaster Hwan : The elderly Abbot of the Ghao Monastery. He is currently visiting the Elders Village to speak on issues of great importance.

Tseng : A young Ghao man. The acting Abbot and chief student of Grandmaster Hwan. He strongly dislikes Byeol tribesman, and Sang Woo.

Gorobei a fat Ghao man. A consumate craftsman and trader. He is known for his wily deals and friendly demeanour. Despite his size he travels daily to all who may need to trade for his goods.

Wu-Shar : a busty Ghao paramour of Wei Kim. Widowed and lonely, and an excellent gossip for what happens at the Ghao Monastery

Tamzin and Char A friendly Byeol couple with many children. They operate a small homestead that serves as a defacto trading post for the more isolated Byeol Tribespeople.

Young Kao A young Byeol boy who is easily enamoured with shiny things and tales of adventure. He is know to wander off in search of it from time to time.

Old Man Ren A deceased Elderly Byeol Man. A secretive hermit who many know as many secrets abouy the Byeol land as Elder Byeol herself. He refused to take up residence in the Elder’s Village and keeps his council to himself. He was killed by an Ogre and torn apart by hungry dogs.

Myeong and Myung Elderly Byeol sisterwives who live as spinsters in the Sapseep Forest. They have deep knowledge of the Spirits that inhabit their lands. They are known to dwell in a dusty home…

Headman Wook a middle-aged Byeol man. The next Elder of the Byeol tribe. He is arrogant and a staunch traditionalist, standing for protocol and ritual in all aspects of day to day life. He has a large family and is wary of Wei Kim.

Pia a young Byeol woman. Daughter of Wook. She is a skilled herbalist and healer and knows many hidden paths in the Sapseep forest.

Headman Teng a middle aged Noriaki man. Loud and boorish. Rude and uncouth. A consumate goat herder though. He cares little for spiritual matters and is mainly concerned with eating and having a good time.

Peoul a Shu man who has travelled beyond the Shrine of Founder Dong and has had many dealings with foreigners. He speaks their tongue.

Arung and Ling Two young Noriaki men who like to “travel and hike” in the hills and mountains of their tribe. They are unmarried, and may have ventured too far into the mountains to seek solace.