Wei Kim

The Lech


Wei Kim is Noriaki. Or he once was, depending on whom you ask. You see Wei was always a bit odd by Noriaki standards. Born small he was always easy to miss, bland by some standards. As a child he had a hard time making friends, even among his cousins. So he spent a lot of time as a herder. A job he was very keen at and his skills were unmatched within the Noriaki. His families herds increased in numbers and rivaled that of the wealthiest of families.

His many months of isolation were both a blessing and a curse. He made friends with the spirits of the woods and meadows. They taught him much and would often appear to him in the forms of deer, bears and fox. Each teaching him skills he could use. From the deer be became fleet of foot, from the bear he learned strength of character and strength of body. From the fox he learned to be cunning. Which brings us to why he became the black sheep of his family and to be unwanted in his region. Spending that much time away from people he hungered for company, especially girls.

Wei has many skills, he is never lost, he knows the region really well, and he knows how to live off the land. But, despite being small, he has a gift with women. So much so that he has three children by different women.