Bog Hag

A Bog Hags’ natural form is a loathsome green crone with sharp nails and jagged teeth. It thrives on stealing the skin from its human victims, especially beautiful young women (though not exclusively). It wears the skin like a suit, and can even masquerade as the victim for a short while. The older the bog hag the more realistic the mockery is.


Bog Hags are meat-eaters and enjoy the taste of human flesh, especially women and children. They live near swamps and rivers, and often wait in a body of water near a human community for a potential victim. As long as a hag can maintain a regular supply of food, its lifespan is indefinite, and it can regenerate even serious injuries when slaying a new victim.

Some Bog Hags are less predatory than others and can be entreated with. This is very rare though.

Bog hags are solitary, viciously territorial and will fight to the death over their hunting grounds. As they age, they became more likely to assemble in groups called covens in order to better defend their cumulative territory. It has been written that some of the most powerful of Bog Hags lived among the world of men, keeping an entire “wardrobe” of skins, preserved with blood magic.