Five Hills and Five Tribes : A Tale of Ten Falling Stars

Placeholder Jan 12th

- Group returned from Plateau shrine.

- At Elder’s Village all was told concerning the Shu’s trading and exchange with the outlanders. Headman Eun was not present.

- Group tasked to travel to the hidden shrines in the mountains and seek to right whatever was imbalanced and to ascertain just how near the outlanders are.

- Each member of the group was entertained by one of Headman Eun’s brothers, in attempts to curry their favour and explain why worship of the spirits and heeding the old ways is setting the Five Tribes back.

- En route back to the plateau the group again encounters Headman Eun who reinforces all that his people have gained and how it would benefit all involved.

- The group encounter and fight an eyeless Ogre in the hilled forests of the the Shu lands.


nathanpatten_victoria nathanpatten_victoria

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